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Defy Norms


Growing up I was never that confident, popular and effortlessly cool kid. As a matter a fact, I was quite the opposite. I was constantly bullied and made fun of because I wasn’t fitting in. The music I liked, my hobbies and interests were a strange and diverse combo – a cornucopia of styles stuffed in an ever curious mind.

What a Dad and ‘Real Man’ Means To Me


I will never forget the day when I was four (or maybe five?) and I was crying on the ground with a scraped knee and my legs in pain, and thinking with my feeble brain “that’s it, I will never play outside ever again”, when suddenly a silhouette shadowed the blazing summer Sun and scooped me off in its protective arms, taking me back inside the house, where everything was cozy and safe, to patch up my knee with band aids and gauze.

Don’t Quit Your Day-Dream: White Distressed Jeans


Sometimes, when you get caught in the daily grind it can be easy to let months or even years slip by without being truly aware of what your long term goals and aspirations are. Getting up every day, putting on your work clothes and getting on the treadmill of life can sometimes make you forget about all the beauty there is in the world, all the wonder hidden around us just waiting to be discovered, and all the moments full of zest waiting to be savored.