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What a Dad and ‘Real Man’ Means To Me


I will never forget the day when I was four (or maybe five?) and I was crying on the ground with a scraped knee and my legs in pain, and thinking with my feeble brain “that’s it, I will never play outside ever again”, when suddenly a silhouette shadowed the blazing summer Sun and scooped me off in its protective arms, taking me back inside the house, where everything was cozy and safe, to patch up my knee with band aids and gauze.

To me that was the moment when I knew he was a hero and that hero will always be there to save the day and help me discover the world through wondering eyes.

That hero is my dad and even though now he doesn’t need to patch my knees anymore, he never ceases to save the day with his endless care, love, advice and support.


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Growing up we weren’t the richest family, but my parents always went to great lengths and sacrifices to make sure we were provided for. My dad was a projecting architect and he had to spend a lot of days in terrible weather conditions to plot out land, coming home with bleeding blisters, nearly frozen toes or second degree sunburns (no exaggeration). This taught me resilience and tenacity and I probably wouldn’t be so stubborn in the pursue of my dreams if it wasn’t for him.

My dad was also an artist soul that first introduced me to painting and playing the guitar. I remember spending so many evenings together drawing, painting and trying to teach me chords and harmonies. Even though the guitar didn’t really stick with me, music was always one of the most important elements in my life and to this day I can’t go through a single day without it. Heck, music means so much to me that I had to marry a musician haha 😆


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My dad also took me to my first ever art gallery opening and I remember seeing artists and art students for the first time in my life, next to their creations, and I said to myself: “this is what I want to be when I grow up”. So in that moment, my dad made me discover what passion and dedication meant.

Every day when I don’t do something creative that I love (no matter how small or insignificant) my mind circles back to those moments when all I had in my head were dreams, hopes and aspirations, and just couldn’t wait to “grow up” to make them come true. So I tell myself “what’s your excuse now?!”.


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Dad also showed me that a “real man” proves his words with actions and he is not afraid to show his real emotions. That many times being a “real man” means protecting the ones you love at the expense of your temporary comfort. It means always being honest, going against the grain and staying strong in your values regardless of peer pressure. It means being humble and gentle when you have to, but also to stand your ground when others try to take advantage of you.

My dad taught me that a “real man” is ambitious but never forgets where he came from and never loses sight over what’s truly important in life (love). That a “real man” is sophisticated and brave and constantly tries to better himself and the world around him. My dad taught me that brains come first and you should never stop learning, because your mind holds infinite power.


Unique Father's Day Gift from Jord watches Wood Watches

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My dad also made me realize that time is one of the most valuable assets and currencies, so you should always spend it wisely.

I think a time piece is one of the best gifts you can give dad this Father’s Day, because every time he will look at his wrist, he will see YOU and remember how precious that is.

And because – no matter how old – I’ll always be a daddy’s girl, I partnered with JORD Watches to give you and your dad a heartfelt gift this Father’s Day. And also because I cannot spoil one man in my life without spoiling the other, I chose this Kosso and Midnight Blue JORD Watch for my husband as well. What attracted me to this watch is the unique design made of wood, which makes me think warmth, timelessness and safety.


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How would you like to enter my giveaway HERE for a chance to win a $100 gift code to spend on any JORD watch (for you or your dad) or a $25 consolation prize (which will be given to EVERYBODY who enters). Not to mention, if you order today, you can still get a great unique gift with guaranteed delivery by Father’s Day. So hurry up!!

The giveaway will close 07/09/2017 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on 09/30/2017. The winner will be notified through email.


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Good luck and thank you so much for reading!!

*Photography, styling and creative direction by me. Model: my beloved.

As always, much love <3




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