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A Heart to Heart with My BumbleBFF


Every #BossBabe 🙋‍and every creative entrepreneur 🔥 out there can probably agree with the fact that nowadays it’s becoming harder and harder to find new friends and build meaningful relationships with the increasingly higher demands over our every second of awake and – especially – FREE time.

I know that I’ve always struggled to find true, honest and supportive friends, so that’s why my circle has always remained quite small. 😊 On the other hand, as a business owner networking is a must, so I found myself constantly being pulled in two directions at the same time. How can I remain focused and driven, but also enjoy myself and have fun while supporting and connecting in a meaningful way with similar minded ladies in my community?

I found out that as women we’re much quicker to sacrifice our relationships in order to give priority to school, family time or careers. Especially when in today’s world the pressure over women is so much higher. We’re expected to look put together, to have great health, to have our career intact, a good education and to juggle all that with being present parents, devoted partners, caring daughters and stelar homemakers. And I’m not saying this in a bitter way. These are things that we naturally desire for ourselves, because we are strong, ambitious, and we want to be the best versions of ourselves.

But still, how can we find and maintain meaningful friendships?


BumbleBFF Style Unsettled


I was watching a vlog from another fashion blogger the other day and she was talking about girl on girl hate, and that resonated with me. For the majority of my life it was so difficult to find true female friends because a lot of the times there is just so much competition and envy between women! Ever since primary school I had tons of friends talking to me only if they needed something from me, a.k.a to help them with homework because I was the best in school, to borrow them books, to share toys etc.

Even as an adult it happened many times to have friends stop talking to me completely when I couldn’t lend them money, go out all the time or even when we had disagreeing opinions. It’s so hurtful when you feel like you don’t even deserve an explanation… In all honesty, I’m glad those friendships didn’t work out, because they weren’t relationships based on true feelings of mutual respect, support and likeness. Now I only have space for healthy, inspiring and positive friends in my life. There’s just too much to deal with in life (in general) to waste time with anything else.

I’m so happy when people start to see the value of authenticity and when women really empower each other instead of making it a drama contest! Let’s ditch the toxicity ladies, shall we?!

There is enough to go around for everybody, each human being’s path is unique, and we are all gifted with the same 24 hours. Let’s use them purposefully and put aside comparisons and competition.


BumbleBFF Style Unsettled


I was never one for bar hopping. I just dislike that. Plus I rarely drink these days. I would much rather sit on a quaint terrace by the sea, sip on a delicious latte and have a morning heart to heart with my best friend than go to a bar. Maybe it’s the introvert in me, maybe it’s my hatred towards wasting time, but I also prefer to feel like I know a person before meeting them face to face. With horror stories left and right, you can never be too careful!

That’s why I was extremely elated when I discovered BumbleBFFa mobile app that strives to connect women in an empowering and meaningful way, so building your “hive” is easier than ever 👯. Just like similar meeting apps, it’s based on a swipe left / right concept and the neat part is that you each have only 24 hours to make “the first step” and message your “match” through a system that looks very similar to texting. And believe me, I’m definitely a texter!! My phone is basically a 1. mobile photo/creative studio and 2. modern day typewriter 😆


BumbleBFF Style Unsettled


So many opportunities, changes and milestones in my life have happened thanks to the internet and social platforms. I basically owe everything that I am to computers and the web. If it wasn’t for these two, I would’ve never learn graphic and web design; I would’ve never landed my first job; I would’ve never met friends that stick around to this day, or met my other half; I would’ve never learned the majority of what I know; and I definitely would have not been able to make a living doing what I love or build my businesses.

Thanks to apps like BumbleBFF or social media in general, I was able to find support and community when I moved (way too many times) across two continents, when I was curious to learn new skills, or when I was going through difficult times and my dreams seemed too far or impossible to accomplish.

So even though there are so many things to do and so little time, with the help of technology is easy to meet like minded friends and build a tight-knit “hive” 😉


BumbleBFF Style Unsettled


Thank you so much for reading!

As always, much love ❤️


5 Responses
  • Amy
    September 5, 2017

    Really loved this post and your candor! It is so hard to make new friends once you’re an adult, makes you realize how wonderful school is! The key is really some shared interest, I need to try this app out :).

    xx, Amy

    • StyleUnsettled
      September 6, 2017

      Yes, absolutely it’s more difficult to make friends as an adult, especially because when you’re a kid different things matter to you and plus you have much more free time. But luckily we have the internet 😊

  • Lisa Linh
    September 6, 2017

    Oh this is awesome! Finding real friends these day is hard and staying social is even harder, despite social media haha. Def need to try the app out!

    Lisa Linh

    • StyleUnsettled
      September 6, 2017

      Haha, yes Lisa! 😊 I think the keyword here is “real friends”, because it’s easy to meet people, but not everybody will be a REAL friend and have the patience, the loyalty and the will to put in the effort to truly get to know you and stick around through both good and bad times.

  • Lyndi
    September 11, 2017

    Great photos lady! Your hair looks soo good.
    Isn’t it so funny all the friends we now make over internet and its totally normal?!
    Hope you have a great week ahead!

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