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August Wishlist & End of Summer Picks


So here we are… August already. I have no idea how or where the past weeks/months have passed and it’s pretty scary to think that time just keeps on accelerating. Honestly I’m not 100% ready for fall, even though fall in Florida looks nothing like fall in the colder climates – but this has nothing to do with the weather.

It’s more like I’m not ready to give up on the feeling of summer. You know, feeling carefree and light and ready at any moment to embark in a new fun adventure. I think for the past few years summer hasn’t felt like quite… summer to me and I’m so ready to get that feeling back in full force.

ΤΞ₭ƎИ ft. ENZU – Angel

The French Beret

With fall season right around the corner I’m starting to think of chic hats and transitional items that can be paired with warm weather clothing. And one of the items on my must-have list is the red beret.

This type of hat instantly makes me think of Paris and the effortless chic French style and while I already own one in white, I’m dreaming of a cute red beret to add a pop of color to any monochromatic outfit.

I would style this with a pair of black cat eye sunglasses, black turtle neck, a bold red lip and layered necklaces for a brunch meeting or a white slogan t-shirt, ripped jeans and white sneakers for a quick run at the mall.

Red French Style Beret Hat


I’ve always loved lacquered or patent croc purses. I remember finding my first one tucked in a corner of a street shop in Bucharest many many years ago. It was this small crossbody bag with a fold-over flap which could also double up as a handle. It was black and it had these little cute bamboo wood tassels on a side.

Needless to say, that bag was love at first sight and in that moment I realized how timeless a black crocodile bag is. You can take it out 10, 20, 40 years later and still look chic and give that classic touch to any outfit. Of course, I would opt-in for the faux leather option which probably won’t last that long, but maybe with enough care it would…

Unfortunately I don’t have my first croc patent bag anymore, but I’ve been searching for a replacement for it for a few years. I’m looking for something that – again – will  ignite that love at first sight and will evoke the feeling of strolling on narrow European cobblestone streets.

I’ve found this one from Zara to look pretty versatile and chic. And there’s the high-end version: this stunning YSL bag which could easily become my favorite heirloom piece.


No outfit is complete until we add the right accessories and this month I’m crushing hard on these following attention grabbers.

Skincare from Foreo

Foreo Luna 2 Style Unsettled

Have you guys tried any of the Foreo products yet? I had the opportunity to test the Luna 2 at a spa in Las Vegas and I was so happy with the results! Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to own one, together with the new UFO device.


Foreo Luna 2 is a waterproof sonic cleansing and antiaging device for combination skin types that deeply cleanses while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for radiant, firm, youthful-looking skin. Basically it sends sonic pulsations to the skin through these little “touch points” which look like mini silicone spikes or “feet”, therefore deeply cleaning pores and removing dead skin and other impurities. The sonic pulsations also improve skin’s firmness and elasticity.

The second Foreo on my wishlist is the Foreo UFO which is a mask application device aka “smart mask“.

Foreo UFO combines highly effective skincare technologies with exclusive mask formulas for a professional-level skincare experience in seconds. Featuring enhanced hyper-infusion technology, UFO integrates thermo-therapy and cryo-therapy to push mask essence into skin’s surface and lock in moisture while reducing the appearance of pores. T-sonic pulsations gently massage mask essence into the skin, while full-spectrum LED light therapy completely rejuvenates skin—unveiling a refined, radiant complexion.

And it does all this in only 90 seconds!! I think that’s amazing because one thing that I hate about facials and masks is that they take soooo looongggg!!! Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat 😩 This could save me so much time on my routine!

The masks available vary according to the needs of your skin, from brightening to youthing, and from oil control to ultra hydration. All masks are based on Korean formulas and can be purchased on their official website. I’m personally super interested and curious about the results of the Youth Junkie Mask!

Foreo UFO
Boat Party

Boat Party

Confession time: I’ve never been to a boat party. I’ve actually only been on a boat once (or maximum twice) in my whole life, mainly due to my motion sickness so that’s something I would really like to experience before the end of the summer.

Just being able to catch a beautiful sunset far away from the shore with all its earthly problems and count the stars as they start popping out on the big canvas of the sky while listening to the soothing sound of the waves blending with awesome music is something I’ve always dreamed of.


Thank you so much for reading. As always, much love ♥️

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  • danish
    August 14, 2018

    brilliant ! every chic. love the red beret. boat parties are awesome.. very well written. love your style of writing 🙂

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