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Cheers to New Resolutions and the New Year


And here we are… Five days have already flown by from the New Year and somehow my mind is still running towards the nice Holiday decorations left around town. I guess I’m holding on to the last glimpse of magic because after all the celebrations are gone I can’t help but feel a little bit empty. Just like any transitional period, I think that the time after Christmas and New Year’s is that uncertain moment when you don’t really know what to do with yourself, but you could also do… ANYTHING. The New Year can be used as a new beginning for everything you wanted and – maybe even more important – for drawing the line, making an inventory of the last year and analyzing if you’re heading on the right direction.

Romania Travel Vlog


Hello my loves! I finally got around to upload my 5th vlog 🙂 This time I’m going to explore with you the treasures and beauty of Europe and this amazing city called Iasi (Iassy) from Romania. Even though I’ve been back to United States for a few weeks now, life got so crazy and hectic that I literally had no time to dedicate to write a proper post about my trip and to show you all the cool spots I visited.