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8 Essential Items in Every Woman’s Wardrobe


When it comes to building a wardrobe, things can get confusing – especially with so many trends coming and going. While I’m always keeping an eye on what’s trending and I find it very fun to reinvent myself a little bit every day, I still think every wardrobe should contain a few classic staple items that will remain relevant regardless of what’s next in style. So let’s see what pieces you shouldn’t miss from your closet…

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August Wishlist & End of Summer Picks


So here we are… August already. I have no idea how or where the past weeks/months have passed and it’s pretty scary to think that time just keeps on accelerating. Honestly I’m not 100% ready for fall, even though fall in Florida looks nothing like fall in the colder climates – but this has nothing to do with the weather.

It’s more like I’m not ready to give up on the feeling of summer. You know, feeling carefree and light and ready at any moment to embark in a new fun adventure. I think for the past few years summer hasn’t felt like quite… summer to me and I’m so ready to get that feeling back in full force.

Travel Diaries :: Viva Las Vegas


I have not seen Vegas before. It wasn’t really on my bucket list or anything, but when the opportunity to visit arrived, I couldn’t say no to adventure. I was in a pretty weird mental space but I knew the change in scenery would provide me with inspiration and positivity for new things, new beginnings. After traveling I never come back the same person as before, and every city or little corner of the world I’ve been to left an imprint on my spirit.