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End of the Year Reflections


Almost the end of the year… There’s a bit of nostalgia, a bit of sadness (because I don’t want the holidays to end), a bit of anxiety for the next year, a bit of hope and of course a lot of excitement. I can already feel that 2019 is going to be filled with creativity, art, positive vibes, endless adventures, real connections and fulfilling projects. Maybe it’s just my mushy feelings, maybe it’s because 2018 has been a really tough year that kicked my ass emotionally and otherwise, but I’m feeling optimistic about next year.

Even though it’s been a tough year, I’m happy and thankful for every experience because despite being very uncomfortable and shitty while going through it, it lead me to profound lessons and life defining moments.

“Life may not be the party we hoped for… but while we’re here we may as well dance.”

Despite being scared and slightly overwhelmed, I participated in New York Fashion Week and visited New York City by myself.

I know I already talked about how big of a dream come true this was to me so there’s no need to beat the drum even more. If you want to refresh your memory or you’re new to this blog, you can read about my first experience at New York Fashion Week here and watch my vlog here.

NYFW Style Unsettled
Red Roses Snakeskin Heels Style Unsettled

For the first time in 7 years since I’ve been in the United States, I lived by myself for a little over a year.

I made new friends and opened myself to many new (yet strangely familiar) cultures from all over the world.

I discovered tons of songs and artists 🎶 that inspired me and got me through the days, my favorites being by far SHDØW and PlanBe. I think I single handed racked hundreds of Youtube plays on each lmao 🤣 *NOTE: No replay buttons have been harmed or broken during the making of this article.

I saw so many unbelievable sunsets. 🌅

Made a few dreams come true, like pizza picnic on the beach haha 😄, and went on exciting adventures.

I connected with lots of people – both online and in real life – who opened my eyes on how I want and also don’t want to be.

I had an awesome temporary tattoo on my hand, which I’ve been wanting for the longest time and got red shades (my latest obsession).

Sunset Chasers KLANGWELT
Beach Picnic Oreo Pizza Style Unsettled
Unknown Muse V KLANGWELT painting

Siesta Key still remained my favorite beach.

Beach Days Siesta Key Style Unsettled

Visited Las Vegas for the first time 🌵

Las Vegas Historic Fremont Street Experience Downtown Style Unsettled
Las Vegas Historic Fremont Street Experience Downtown Style Unsettled
Las Vegas The Palazzo Hotel Love Style Unsettled

“Miami, San Francisco, Holly-Hollywood”… The lyrics from a song by PlanBe were echoing in the distance while I was watching the Sun casting its golden light on the tall, almost endless, palm trees in the sunset.

It was the most quiet and peaceful street in the neighborhood, so quiet it almost felt deserted. I was strutting in the middle of the street pretending it was a runway without a care in the world. Soaking up the last summer days, remembering again how it felt to be truly alive, truly in the moment. Why? Because the moment was perfect.

Looking at the world through the viewfinder of my camera everything felt warmer and more magical. The shadows were softer and with a little focus adjustments the uglier parts could get blurred away. Just how verses of the song were completely lost in translation, some of my worries and anxieties sounded funny and unjustified in the face of such invincible force of nature.

Miami Hollywood$ Style Unsettled
Best day of summer Style Unsettled

Be kind and stay strong. You never know who you’re inspiring.

I learned this year was that wrong turns sometimes lead to beautiful destinations. And also that control truly is an illusion, and sometimes even though you’re trying the best you can, some things might still fail or not work out and it’s not always your fault.

I used to believe that love can conquer all, but I guess this is real life, not a cheesy Hollywood movie so sometimes you just gotta pick up the broken pieces, stitch yourself back together and keep going forward.

Hand Tattoo Style Unsettled
Red Wine Burberry Scarf Style Unsettled
Pink Champagne Sweater Dress Style Unsettled

The art museums became my new chill spot.

Especially The Ringling because it has the most vast grounds – with a view of the Ocean I might add – which are always open for free to the public. And also The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg (Florida) because it’s the coziest.

As much as I’d like to say that I made my best artworks and designs from there, the truth is that the most “productive” thing I accomplished while being there was edit photos & videos and – of course ah – make memes 😆 Here’s one of my 2018 artworks:




This year I worked on amazing projects and I learned new skills, like making music videos and becoming good at video editing.

I decided that the best way to live is to enjoy every moment like it might be your last. Not in a morbid or reckless way, but in the way of truly making the best of everything, no matter how imperfect. We never get the same moment twice and even though some opportunities or events recur, they’re never identical.

Another thing I’ve experimented a lot with this year was taking 30 day challenges and classes. Yes, they’re definitely a commitment, but if it’s the right type of course or challenge it can be such a beneficial and life changing experience!

What about you? How was 2018 for you and what did you learn? As always, thank you for reading and much love! ❤️

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