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Let’s Get The Summer Started – June Wishlist


Less Monday, More Summer ☀🌴💦

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written in here and I’m very excited to be back 😊

There are a few reasons I was a little silent in the Style Unsettled front, one of them being that I was super caught up in design and creative direction projects with my other creative side – which is Klangwelt.

Another reason was that I was feeling overwhelmed by life and wanted to take some time to reflect and regain focus on what I love the most and also be able to bring you the most inspiring and high quality content I can. I eliminated a lot of distractions and clutter – digital and otherwise – as much as possible, in an effort to focus more on what I actually love and want to create in this world, instead of being pulled in meaningless directions.

I gotta say that what really made me take this break and undergo a series of changes was a live video from Neels Visser that I watched on the day of my birthday in April and it was so deep and so heartfelt that it kinda shook me up and made me think of a lot of things in my life and what’s truly important. What he was saying was, again, a reinforcement of a few values that I hold very dear and find to be very true for me, one of them being the importance of doing things that you feel passionate about and spreading love and realness everywhere around you; while another one is being able to grow, to be vulnerable and opened to learn from all experiences, positive or negative. Mindset really can mean everything in life and just being able to sit alone with yourself and reflect on things can do such a great difference in the quality of your human experience. I don’t know if there’s a recording of that particular live video, but if I find it, or if any of you have a link for it, please send it my way because I would really love to watch that again and share it, kind of a reminder for trying times to not lose sight over what’s important.


Another thing I wanted to touch upon (and rant about haha) is this increase in shallowness in general in people and and seeing them more like numbers than real human beings. It really bothers me, because it makes me feel like we’re becoming so divided and disconnected from each other. What makes us beautiful is that we’re all different.

We don’t want to actually spend time to get to know each other and connect with each other – we just want instant gratification and to be in a never ending chase after the next best high – no matter what that is. And I was so so happy to hear someone as influential as Neels talk about this stuff because it’s sooooo true and I feel like nobody really has the guts to actually say it like it is!

Even writing this article I was like thinking twice and being like “should I be saying this, I’m sure someone out there is gonna take it the wrong way“. But you know what… I realized I can’t go through life sacrificing or holding back who I am or what I have to say just because someone might have a problem with it. I honestly believe that we should all be free to express ourselves however we like, and if I don’t like something that’s fine, I always have the freedom to walk away from it and so do you! No need for hate and bashing.

Off White Mona Lisa Sweatshirt


Enough with the rant and onto more fun stuff. Like summer, fashion and a few things that piqued my interest in the past few weeks.

And I’m going to start with…

THIS amazing sweatshirt from Off-White which has been on my wishlist for ages, but I just didn’t get the chance to rave about it enough haha. I’ve been really obsessed with Off-White lately and I can only dream that one day I’ll get to own a piece designed by Virgil Abloh. Get the top here:

Off White Temperature Back Style Unsettled
Off White Temperature Sweatshirt Style Unsettled

I don’t know about you, but when I think of summer I think of flowy dresses, calm ocean waves, a soothing breeze and palm tree shade. And of course… eyelet! This summer I’m crushing really hard on pieces that feature eyelet details – especially if they are white – because to me this fabric/texture/design just screams fun, adventure and staying cool even in the highest of temperatures.

Another thing I love about summer fashion is that you can get some very cute items at quite affordable prices from a variety of brands (like Zaful for example which is currently running an anniversary sale) which can be perfectly mixed and matched with high fashion pieces to create the perfect chic look.

Zara pom pom lace crochet eyelet top
Zaful lace cold shoulder white romper
Zaful crochet white romper
Forever21 eyelet lace crochet maxi dress amber
asos white crochet insert dress
hellomollyfashion eyelet dress
TOBI Kyla One Shoulder Crop Top

Get Glowing

Since summer is the perfect season for soaking up the sun rays, complimenting your freshly sun kissed skin with a radiant glow is one of the best treats you can give yourself to feel like the ultimate beach Goddess.

Marc Jacobs Beauty has been one of my favorite makeup brands for the past two years and I’m always excited to try their coconut water based products. Because what is more summery than coconut?

Besides smelling absolutely divine, the new Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter in rose gold compliments perfectly any skin tone and it’s a great companion to the prior Dew Drops highlighter, which has a more yellow toned shimmer to it. You can get it now at Sephora.

Marc Jacobs DewDrops Fantasy Dew You
coin necklaces Style Unsettled

Layered swag

I’ve been LOVING the new coin/vintage layered necklace looks so much lately! Just adding a few necklaces to even the most plain of outfits can make it look so effortlessly chic and cool.

My favorite way to wear layered pendants is either on top of a plain (or slogan) white tee, or with a slightly unbuttoned crisp white shirt. Of course you can style it just as beautifully with black tops or turtlenecks.

The M Jewelers NY old english pendant K
Martha calvo sacred heart shield necklace

Summer Scents

While I love wearing fresh and summery scents all year round, I’m always on the lookout for the next summer fragrance that will forever etch the words “best summer vacation” in my memory.

This year I’m obsessing over the limited edition Light Blue Italian Zest by Dolce & Gabbana. As I’m already a huge fan of Light Blue, picking this one up as well was a no-brainer. Do you guys have a go-to perfume for the summer? Let me know in the comments below.

D&G Light Blue Italian Zest is available at Sephora in women and men versions.

dolce & gabbana light blue italian zest

AND… because hydration is always super important, and because I also love to cook or to invent recipes, I’ll link you with a few summer drinks/foods very easy to put together and delicious enough to get any pool party started.

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

Super easy to make and impossibly refreshing, this lemonade can be served “as is” or spiked – depending on the level of stress that you’re at hahaha.

What you need for this is:

  • 4 lemons
  • 0.5/1 lbs fresh strawberries,
  • agave nectar (or brown sugar)
  • sparkling water (or just normal spring water)
  • ice (…ice baby)

Now how to make it: puree the strawberries in a food processor, squeeze the lemons, put all this together with the water, agave juice and ice. Stir. Garnish glass with a slice of lime. Drink. Feel refreshed. 😉

Shoutout Time

Guys… I can’t tell you how touched and inspired I was by this post from my friend Amanda – aka @forever_yeung – on Instagram. I love how vulnerable and raw she is about her experience with being perceived as different and also how she managed to overcome not only personal insecurities, but also social stereotypes.

So please give her a follow, she’s amazing and I love what she does and the vibes she’s spreading! ❤

Forever Yeung Instagram

Thank you so much for reading! As always, Much Love ♥️

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