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Mental and Health Benefits of CBD Oil


Since in the previous post I talked about the amazing benefits of hemp and hemp fabric, I want to continue on this topic and touch upon the benefits of another great hemp product: CBD oil and CBD extracts.

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Why CBD?

It’s been known for hundreds of years that this plant (hemp) has positive effects on pain management and other medicinal traits like reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a more joyful mental state. Besides its relaxing properties, CBD oil (which is an extract of hemp) can also be used to enhance creativity and boost energy levels throughout the day.

Many times it has been very hard for me to talk about the subject of anxiety and stress because of the whole stigma around mental health and how we’re supposed to be dealing with everything on our own. But honestly, more opened I’ve been about it, the more I discovered this plagues tons of people and especially as someone who doesn’t like to pop pills that much, by connecting with others, I learned about alternative ways of coping with it.

Diamond CBD Vape Oil
Diamond CBD Gummies

At first I was skeptical and afraid of CBD because… yeah, this is something relatively new and not a lot of people fully understand the topic without confusing it with certain types of lifestyles. It’s a little illogical to me how people would consider ok to be hooked on purely synthetic medicine which we really don’t know what impact is going to have on our genetics or brain chemistry let’s say 200 years from now on, but when it comes to consuming something that comes from a plant we immediately freak out just because of a few biased opinions that gave it a bad rep.

I’ve always been more sensitive to things than most, but CBD oil is one of the products I don’t react weirdly to. It actually helps me focus and unleash the creativity I need for my day to day work, especially in those days when my mental chatter makes it difficult to channel my ideas or when I get pulled in so many directions that I don’t know what to start first while everything is due TODAY. Where are those TPS reports??? Watch the video at the end of the post to see what I mean 😉

Diamond CBD Logo

My favorite CBD oils are made by Diamond CBD and I like them not only because they are a local Florida based brand, but also because they use non-GMO plants for their extracts, and their products are of great quality with a vast variety of flavors and sizes to choose from. Personally, I love sampling things and whenever I go to their website it’s incredibly hard to not want to try “everything on the menu” because all the flavors just sound so delicious. And yes, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Why I trust this brand?

First of all, everything Diamond CBD makes (not just the oils) is tested on a lab and there are no synthetic additives in it. The hemp used for the extracts is quality controlled before being processed and it’s being harvested only from organic plants from farms all over the country and the world. The team behind this is made of real doctors and scientists who put countless hours of work and passion into their research. So as you already know, I’m always excited to support businesses that actually care about what they do!

In case you’re wondering – no, CBD oil has no THC – which means it has no psychoactive effect, so  you’re not going to get high off of it. Another exciting thing about CBD is that it can help with acne, so if you’re like me and has struggled with breakouts for most of your life, this might help keep it at bay. Sidenote: Where was THIS when I was a teenager!!

Diamond CBD Oil

Did you know?

CBD also has neuroprotective properties, studies showing improved neurological results in patients suffering from Alzhheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

Diamond CBD Gummies

If you’re a fan of essential oils, this can also be used as a topical product and applied either directly on the skin, or added to a lotion, cream and even in the bathtub. My favorite bubble-bath-self-care-weekend-vibes-chill-out-bruh concoction consists of pink himalayan salt, epsom salts, a few drops of lavender oil, a few drops of CBD oil, vitamin E oil and – of course – one or two CBD Gummies to enjoy while soaking.

Diamond CBD Oil
Diamond CBD Oil

And now for the lolz…

Thank you so much for reading! What are your experiences with CBD oil – if any – or if not, what kept you from trying it before? Let me know in the comments below. As always, much love ❤️

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