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Spring Cleaning “For the Soul”


Today I feel like tearing everything down. Just stripping away my portfolio, my personal style, my old limitations and beliefs, and just starting anew, on a blank canvas. Not in a destructive, negative, kind of way, but in an inspired and excited way. I kind of want to restart my portfolio, my creativity, my vision for my other brand, all while keeping and rediscovering what I hold the most dear to my core.

Is Creativity Sister with Depression?


I talk about creativity a lot because – at my core – I will always be a creative, no matter what form that takes. It might be designer one day, art director the other, photographer on weekends, blogger in the evenings or visual artist in the early minutes of the day when the entire world is still asleep, but regardless of what – I will always battle the same demons and face the traps of the creative mind.