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Face Your Fashion Fears: The Midi Skirt


I still remember the days when I was a fresh student in the first days of fall and all I could think about was what outfit I’m going to wear next day at school. Our family never had a lot, yet we were always taken care of, even if that was – at times – extremely modest. I found myself dreaming daily of all kinds of outfits and expressing myself in so many ways. But it always seemed I was caught between a rock and a hard place: what my wardrobe looked like and what the kids at school were wearing.

Unsettled Inspiration #2: Be True to Who You Are


The chill of today’s morning woke me up with a swift kiss, and – as I wrapped myself in an oversized cardigan resembling a cozy blanket, tuned in to some classic jazz on the radio and fell softly in a daze smelling the freshly brewed coffee – the ideas rushed through my head and pushed me to quickly grab my laptop and start typing away.

How to Find Your Style and Fashion Voice


With so many things in our daily life that scream and beg for our attention, it’s really easy to slip in a routine or to say “yes” to things that are not really aligned with who we truly are at our core. I know that I struggled with the concept of finding my unique artistic voice and personal style growing up, and if you are anything like me, you probably did too…