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Autumn Moods: Leather Skirt, OTK Boots and Sweater dress


It’s not very often when you find a spot that looks just like a scene taken from Harry Potter, and you’re expecting magical creatures to jump out from the trees any second now. That’s why when I first discovered this charming looking bridge inside the most autumn colored park I could find in a distant European land, I knew that I’ll remember these moments for the rest of my life.

A Cinderella Moment


Every once in a while you find yourself lost on side streets with nothing but a head full of dreams and maybe a particular song stuck in your head or your trusty old camera. That was how I discovered this charming looking bridge and I instantly felt like Cinderella meets Carrie Bradshaw, my head buzzing with creative ideas and excitement.

My Wish for the New Year + New Outfit


For 2017 my best wish for you – as well as for myself – is to step more into the best version of ourselves. love glamour, I love luxe, I love comfort and quality and living in a world of possibilities and can dos. I love expansion and progression and growing. I love abundance in every aspect of life because you can never love too much or too many things.