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Unsettled Inspiration #2: Be True to Who You Are


The chill of today’s morning woke me up with a swift kiss, and – as I wrapped myself in an oversized cardigan resembling a cozy blanket, tuned in to some classic jazz on the radio and fell softly in a daze smelling the freshly brewed coffee – the ideas rushed through my head and pushed me to quickly grab my laptop and start typing away.

I thought a lot lately about what makes me happy and who am I and if I am on the right track at the moment – creatively, professionally and personally. And what I discovered is that I’ve been really bothered by perfectionism, whether in myself or the ones close to me. Because I carried A LOT of it with me and I realized it’s hindering, constrictive and destructive. Sure, your logic might say the opposite: “but it makes you become better and continuously better yourself”. But no – in reality – is exhausting, neurotic and frustrating. It’s the root of procrastination and failed dreams.

You can still be better than you were yesterday without demanding the impossible out of you and the ones around you and holding yourself and others to a standard that in the end is… inhumane. We all have bad days, we all break out and have problems with our skin at some point or another, we all make mistakes, we are all afraid (especially of the future or the unknown), we all get sick or tired, we all love attention or connection and desire to be heard and understood. Let’s start kindly giving ourselves room to grow and be totally human, in our own imperfect ways.

So today I want you to know that you are beautiful and good enough just the way you are, you are worthy of love and happiness and you can achieve everything you set your mind to, if you want it badly enough! Is it going to be easy? Hell no! But it will be worth it! So DON’T SETTLE for anything else than what you deserve and truly want. Let’s start being happy in our imperfection and embrace ourselves whole, flaws and virtues and all.

My Primary Goal in Life

You deserve to be Happy

And here are some inspiring links to get you through the week:


My latest fashion obsessions:

  • Knotted Satin Bow Mules

Knotted Satin Bow MulesKnotted Satin Bow Mules

  • Socks with sandals

  • Embroidered EVERYTHING [ photos taken by me ] – I really love this top from Zara and the cute embroidered iPhone cases from Zero Gravity. Every time I look at my phone it makes me smile to see something so pretty 🙂


Zero Gravity Embroidered iPhone Case

Zero Gravity embroidered iphone case


And a very inspiring (as always <3) interview with Wendy’s Lookbook for Biossance:

“Whatever you’re feeling right now, whatever doubts you have, it’s very real. Surround yourself with strong women, surround yourself with powerful women, and women who can support you and see the beauty that you are.” – Wendy Nguyen


…And just one more for the road 😉

You can't let people scare you

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