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Unsettled Inspiration + June Summer Wishlist


long sleeve mini dress

Hello my darlings! I haven’t written an inspiration post in a while so I was thinking what better opportunity than the beginning of June to do so?

As usual, there are a lot of new inspiring people to be followed, new products to be discovered and new items to be coveted. I’m currently dreaming of long sleeve mini dresses for the long summer nights and sexy see through dresses to feel like a goddess on the beach.

But without further ado, I will get right to it and start with a little morsel of wiseness from the wonderful Michelle Phan, reminding us all of the importance of being in touch with your true self and following your dreams instead of blindly chasing success.

Following this, I’ll share a few items from my summer wish list and a few inspiring photos I found on Pinterest.

June summer wishlist



AUrate New York Fine Jewelry

The next brand is very close to my heart, not only because of its incredible high quality, but also for the unapologetic bold style which speaks straight to my love for sophistication with an edgy twist.

Here is a little bit about AUrate New York, and more reasons to love them and desire an incredible piece of fine jewelry:

Women shouldn’t have to choose between high quality, fair pricing and doing good. So we cut the clutter and focused on what matters: durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving. Here’s to one less concession you have to make.

Every piece is manufactured in New York City and their materials are sourced in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices.

The pieces I irrevocably fell in love with are the following:


Rose Gal Wishlist Set

A few #wishlist items from Rose Gal:


Simmi shoes

How gorgeous is this pair of Frankie Black Croc Velcro Lace Up Ankle Boots by Simmi Shoes? A definite #WANT for the summer!

And since it’s summer, the season to show your beautiful glowing skin and wear all the dreamy dresses, skirts and flattering bikinis, I think having one of these Silk-expert IPL devices it’s an absolute must. Hey Braun, please hook me up hahah 😆

Braun SIlk Expert IPL

Now time for a little bit of…

Pinterest #inspo

Thank you so much for reading (please share) and hope you have a lovely June!!

As always, much love <3


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