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What the Holidays Mean to Me


Only a couple of days left until Christmas and I already feel nostalgia and a little sadness. Why you may ask? Because the Holidays are my favorite time of the year. Despite the fact that my favorite seasons are Spring and Summer, the Winter Holidays have always held a very special place in my heart. And I never want them to end. …Ever!

For some people Christmas is all about amazing food, having guests over, huge parties and exotic getaways. But what does it mean to me?

To me, Christmas and New Year’s are so important because these are the times when everything dresses up in a festive glow, when the streets and the homes glimmer magically all wrapped up in lights, when we put aside (just for a little bit) our troubles, hardships and differences, and we sing songs of joy. These are the moments when we want to do nice things for each other and shower our loved ones with gifts and remind them how much we love them. Now is the time when we all come closer together and share kindness and happiness.

It’s the most Wonderful time of the Year!

To me, the Holidays are all about Family, Love, Home and Joy. That’s why I prefer to stay home instead of going out of town, to cook my own feast instead of having someone else cook for me, to spend time with my close family and my husband instead of friends, because the time with our loved ones is finite and we should make the best out of each second we get to enjoy it with them.

Winter Essentials

The glee of opening presents on Christmas morning cannot be replaced with anything else, in my opinion. For a few moments you get to be a kid again and look at the world through the lens of wonder and magic.

Plus, you get to wear red and plaid and be cozy in your favorite sweater(s).

Because… Baby, it’s cold outside!

Winter essentials plaid red

And than, it’s the heart-warming music and delicious treats. How can you not simply adore this?

Christmas Breakfast by Klangwelt Unknown Muse by Klangwelt Christmas Presents by Klangwelt

‘Zat you, Santa Claus?

What do the Holidays mean to YOU? Tell me in the comments below and please don’t forget to share! 😉


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