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While Living #InMyVANS


They wanna see me on top
My daddy always told me ‘don’t stop’
Tell me are you ready, ready

Branko feat. Zanillya, Capadose & The Ruffest – On Top

For the cringy moments, and the cheesy moments, the moments you f*ck up really bad and all you can do is look at yourself and laugh at how big of a mess you are.

For all those moments when you fell 7 times but needed to get back up 8. For all those moments when curiosity and adventure led you to unbeaten paths. For those moments when the walls were too high but if you couldn’t break them, you decided to climb them instead.

For the quiet moments when the sun sets in the horizon and the first stars of the night start glowing timidly. For the times you never thought you’d smile again and all the times you were too drunk and everything seemed so stupidly funny.

For the times you discovered you had a talent or passion for the first time and you were so excited that it was all you could think and talk about, totally annoying everyone around you. For the moments you failed at something important and you felt like the last person on Earth, just wanting to hide under a rock and only come out when all this blows over.

In My VANS Style Unsettled

For all those moments when inspiration was quiet but you needed to ignite a creative spark.

In My VANS Style Unsettled

For those moments when you were too scared and you missed chances, but swore to yourself you’ll never let that happen again.

For those moments it was too uncomfortable to really talk about things that mattered because you felt it’ll expose you and make you a target, or be laughed at.

For those minutes in between things when you haven’t decided what to do next and all of the sudden the world feels full of endless possibilities again.

In My VANS Style Unsettled
In My VANS Style Unsettled
VANS Off The Wall Style Unsettled

Because this world is full of contrast… Of good and bad, of beauty and decay, of push and pull. Someone is having their dreams come true right this second while someone else is crying after their biggest loss. Simultaneously, this world is both wide and big, and incredibly tiny. It’s scary and cold, but also warm and welcoming. It’s slow and raw, but also an incredible sophisticated adventure. It’s harsh and rejecting, but comforting and inclusive in the same time.

And you’re going to need a friend for all this.

You have the music and endless nights, of course. But you need something to take you through all this and still be there when you need a change of pace.

From the moments of your first day of school to your first interview. Through decades, heartbreaks, dorm rooms and cozy apartments; through scraped knees and buying your first ever train ticket; through coffee shop runs and week long festivals.

Something to wear on your dates, or while exploring a new city. A versatile piece to give you confidence and support. Something to dress up or down and take with you to all the life defining moments.

In My VANS Style Unsettled

That’s why I’m always #InMyVANS

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  • Olivia
    January 23, 2019

    Fashion editorial meets blog post meets street smarts meets clever advertising 🙌🙌🙌

    • StyleUnsettled
      January 23, 2019

      Hehe 😉 Glad you liked it Olivia, and thank you so much for reading ♥️

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